This is the only certificate course created by one of the real founding fathers of the culture. This is the only certificate course that gives you a copy of the first and only Birth of the Hip Hop culture chart, which was created by the owner of this school and the Fathers of this chart. The certificate course was created by the leading authority and orchestrator in the birth of the culture and the author of the only book written about the real founders of the culture. The information in this course is not going to be found anywhere in the world. At the completion of this course you would receive a signed Certificate, A signed copy of the Book "Cash: The source of Hip Hop's Beginnings" and a signed Poster copy of the only Hip Hop Birth Chart in existences, a copy of the only homemade video for the rap song "B-X, we're the Founding Fathers " written and song by the Professor of the course, music for the video by "MaxKoMusic". This course is equal to an internship into the Birth of Hip Hop's Culture and more then worth 3 credits in college for life experience. However, it's worth more then 90 credits in street credit, in any field of the Culture.

The Hip Hop Birth Chart

Only the students of this course would have a poster signed copy of this chart. The first and only one of it's kind.

Who are the real Founding Fathers?

Book Readings and first hand explanations

What's the real issues between the LGBTQ and Hip Hop?

Hi, I’m Jeffrey, JCASH/CASH179TH, Thigpen

School/Certificate Course Owner/Founder

Certificate Courses' Professor

One of the leading Orchestrators of the creation of the Hip Hop Culture.

The World's leading expert on Hip Hop's Birth.

Founder of the first Hip Hop Bike Riders' Crew of the 1970's, "Black Gunns".

The only Author of the only Book written about the life of the real founding Fathers and Mothers of the culture "Cash: the source of Hip Hop's Beginnings".

The only Singer/Songwriter who produced a song naming all the real founding fathers called "B-X, we're the Founding Fathers. "

The only person knowledgeable enough to put together an educational chart on the birth of the culture for the first time in the whole 50+ years of the culture's existence "The Hip Hop's Birth Chart".

College Graduate, Ex-Gang member, Ex-Street Hustler/Hoodlum, Ex-Youthoffender, Hype-man/ Rapper/DJ, Song writer and Producer, Ex-Break dancer, Ex-Drug dealer, Clothes designer, Ex-Graffiti writer and serial Entrepreneur.

I don't just know about the Culture, I AM THE DNA AND THE TRUTH OF THE CULTURE.


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